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Apparently life is hell when wind chargers disenhance your calm

I figure I better do something to cheer y’all up after yesterday. Thoughts are nearly coming out my ears this morning, so we’re all in luck.

My first thought this morning was “a little dab’ll do ya.” (I have no rational explanation for this.) And then I started to realize, even though I’m old enough to remember when men put this greasy substance (Brylcream) into their hair on purpose, that I don’t really remember WHY they did it. Was it to keep their hair in place, like mousse? Or was it make their hair shiny? Or both? Just one of those so-glad-I’m-awake moments, I guess.

Then I remembered the article in the paper yesterday about people who are opposed to having wind turbines anywhere near them. Their reasons are 1) health concerns (I try not to laugh too hard) and 2) they’re ugly. So here’s what I think. I think people should be more worried about oil seeping into their ground water from pipeline leaks than being worried that the “sound of the turbines rotating” will give them anxiety. I swear I am not making this up. This is actually what these people are concerned about. I can hear it now, “I worry about the anxiety the sound of the turbines will cause. I’d rather have crude oil in my water.” Secondly, I know there are actually people who think wind turbines are ugly. But they’re not. They’re beautiful. They look like dancers. Tall, lithe dancers turning circles in the sky. Oil platforms and derricks are ugly, not circling arms. And, please, did our grandparents complain that their windmills were ugly or gave them anxiety? NO, they had actual worrisome things to worry about. Like not freezing to death. As I said yesterday–if I were so tired from working myself ragged everyday, would it even occur to me to get upset when little things go wrong? Same thing. If all you have to complain about is that wind turbines upset your calm because they make a sound or they’re “ugly”, then your life is good. And, you have the added benefit of never having to worry about a wind spill.


One thought on “Apparently life is hell when wind chargers disenhance your calm

  1. Kathy Broadwell says:

    I seem to remember then Senator Obama upon his first visit to the windy state, I.e. SoDak, saying that we could power the whole country with the wind in SD. Yep, he said it right there in the arena in 2008.


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