observations on life

Three Short Poems

Spring Again (1989)

Daffodils have given way
To tulips already again
And I’m still me

Still the old life
Taking mine away
Falling deeper
Far away from could or could be

Reminding me of when
Flowers parted lips
Did not remind me


High Society

My glance drifts to where
The violets are reflected in the window pane
Tender reminders of some other world

While in the next room
Fat bejeweled women chatter and cackle
(Teacups tinkling like crackling ice)
In their much-rehearsed celebration of a shallow life



If I’d known that you were leaving
Would I know now where to look?
I lost your face sometime in autumn
And memory leaves me searching for a sign.

Will I find you in Scenes from the Light Years?
In Venus or cold Orion?
Or in a feverish September moon
Hanging swollen and hot
Before its high flight
To white?



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