observations on life

Bless Their Hearts

I’m standing in the dining room trying to fold a queen-sized blanket that I’d washed.  My husband walks into the dining room, and because the blanket and I are blocking his path, he walks around the opposite side of the table to get where he’s going.  He stops and looks at me.  He says, “Now what is that look about?”  I say “Nothing.”  He says, “I know you’re mad about something; what is it?”  I say “You’d rather go around me than help me fold this blanket.”  See, it’s clear that he saw me there struggling with the thing, or else he wouldn’t have taken an alternate route.  “You could just ask me to help.”  He says.  And he comes over and helps.  And yes, he is perfectly right that I could have just asked him to help.  The fact that he could just as easily have offered to help will now be filed under “Men cannot draw a conclusion from what their eyes are telling them even if it would save their lives.”

Or, am I misjudging the situation?  Did he KNOW I wanted his help, but pretended he didn’t know, because he had no intention of helping unless I asked him to?  It’s one of those guy things I guess I will never understand.  “Must be told what to do.  But doesn’t want to be told what to do.”  What is that about?  The need for helplessness in a woman?  The need to be ASKED so that he doesn’t feel useless?  Now, I am not just talking about my husband here.  I’m talking about every man I have ever met.

If anyone can shed any light on this situation, I would appreciate your input.  Guys?  Why do you do this?  What’s it all about?  Help me.


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