observations on life

Justice? There is no justice.

The police in Eden Prairie are on high alert for people who would “cross the line,” and try to harm Walter James Palmer.  But it was Walt the Murderer who crossed the line. There are some acts so heinous that legal or not, they are beyond the scope of being tolerated. Murdering Cecil was one of those. The situation proves what the problem is here–the idea that all human life is more valuable than any animal’s life. And those of us who understand that’s not true want some justice finally in this world.

Who thinks Walter James Palmer’s life is more valuable than Cecil’s?  I bet there aren’t many who believe this.  Perhaps I’m wrong.  Maybe there are a lot of people who think the life of someone who has more money than god and uses it to hunt down, torture, and kill wild animals is more valuable than the life of a lion.  If you’re one of those, I pity you.  And I disrespect you, for being so limited in your thinking and so stingy with your respect and compassion.  All living creatures deserve our respect, our care, and our concern, until they prove they aren’t worth it — like Walter Palmer, who has proven he doesn’t deserve anything but what he inflicted on the magnificent, beautiful, innocent creatures he killed for the fun of it.  For the FUN of it.  I wish there were a hell so he could burn in it.  For Cecil, hell came in the form of Walter James Palmer.


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