observations on life

Driving in the Dark

I move in the still darkness

Past the vivacious, shouting

Red leaves on the hillsides.

Silenced.  Made mute, by night.

I know they are there, I know

Their shrill, joyful cries are

Hidden by the blinding,

Deafening roar of the dark.

I know when the sun edges

Up over the rim of the world,

The leaves will be free to

Scream their colors.

But I, like the stars, remain

Lost in what used to be real.

Even knowing they, the stars, are there

Doesn’t straighten my course.

I can’t see them.  They are hidden

By the lightness in the dark.

But I know why ancient mariners

Could steer by the stars.

If I could see them, I, too, would know the way.


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