observations on life

Conservative hypocrisy

I knew a couple whose oldest child had a rare genetic disease that was ultimately fatal without a bone marrow transplant.  But of course the donor has to match for the transplant to be successful.  They went through, literally, years of trying to find a matching donor.  When none was found, they embarked on the miserable path of trying to create a matching donor.  She was given drugs to increase her production of eggs exponentially.  This made her sick and had wretched side effects, but they tried it over and over.  The embryos would be harvested, fertilized with her husband’s sperm, and each one was painstakingly examined to see if there was a genetic match for their older child.  If successful, cord blood from the new baby could be used to transplant to the older boy.  But it was unsuccessful.

After another world-wide search using a different hospital’s donor program, finally a living match was found.  The transplant was done.  In the end, it didn’t work.  The same person agreed to donate again.  This time it worked, and the little boy was saved.  A happy ending after all.

How many fertilized embryos were tested and discarded?  Hundreds.  Who would have done this differently?  Nobody I know.  A living child is more valuable, more loved, more real, than a fertilized egg.  I don’t know anyone, personally, who would be opposed to trying everything possible to save their own child’s life.

This happens in fertility clinics all over every day.  Eggs are fertilized.  Some are implanted.  The rest are destroyed.  Why, I ask you, while the GOP is doing their best to defund Planned Parenthood and make abortion illegal everywhere for everyone, are they not ranting and raving about the thousands, maybe millions, of embryos that have been destroyed in fertility clinics?

I don’t know the answer.  All I can see is that conservatives in this country are the most egregious hypocrites ever.  If you’re trying to HAVE a baby, it doesn’t matter how many embryos are destroyed.  If you don’t want a baby you’re evil and expendable if you have an abortion.  Tell me how this makes any sense.  Really.  I don’t understand.


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