observations on life

Doesn’t anybody else think this is funny?

Remember when I had to sit through “Ave Maria” played on a saw at one of the South Dakota symphony concerts, and I was apparently the only one who thought it was funny?

Saturday night we went to a wonderful concert by the SDSO.  One of the pieces was a Bach Cantata.  It wasn’t my favorite selection, but the last movement is the mezzo-soprano singing, over and over (in German, thankfully)”I am sick of living.”  I snickered throughout, and when I brought it to to my sister’s attention at intermission, she shushed me.  Like I was committing a sacrilege by being amused by the fact that some woman was standing up there with orchestral accompaniment, singing “I am sick of living” approximately 40 times, over and over.

I guess it’s just me.


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