observations on life

Really? They’re professionals. They get paid to do this.

I know, I know. I’m complaining. If I weren’t complaining, my blog wouldn’t be called Therapeutic Whining. It would be called Everything is Beautiful or some schlocky shit like that.

Went to the South Dakota symphony concert last night. To hear the Verdi Requiem. Having listened to it dozens of times, I finally got to see and hear it live. So exciting. The orchestra was nearly perfect, the choir was wonderful, and the soloists were . . .well, they ranged from pretty good to OK, as long as each was singing alone. When two or more of them sang together unaccompanied by the orchestra, however (which happens more in this piece than I ever realized until last night), they were wildly and mortifyingly out of tune. So I say, Really? You’re professionals. You get paid to do this. What the hell is the problem? I know the music is difficult. That’s why we hire you instead of having local volunteers do the singing.

This was the only time in my life I have ever seen the Verdi Requiem performed live. I am so disgusted.


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