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Emulating animals would be good.


The South Dakota legislature now wants to give tax credits to businesses that give scholarships to students to go to private schools.  In effect, they want to forfeit precious (in this state) tax dollars at the expense of the thousands of children who attend public schools.

See this cat?  She doesn’t just care about her own kids.  She cares about other kids as well.  We think that’s kind and sweet and cute and generous.  It is all those things.  And what’s wrong with people doing that?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

I recently learned that someone said about me “Randee hates private school.”  That’s not correct.  What I hate is the attitude that “public school is good enough for other people’s children, but it’s not good enough for mine.”  It’s an elitist, dismissive, and yes, Republican way of thinking.  Every dollar that is spent on private school comes at the expense of other people’s children.

What kind of world will your children inhabit when they’ve been educated privately and all the others around them have not been?  Look at the country right now. Ignorant, poorly educated people (and Donald Trump loves the poorly educated) seem to be taking over.  I don’t mean to say that those who go to public school are automatically ignorant or poorly educated.   I and most of the people I know went to public school, and it didn’t hurt us a bit.  We are smart, thinking, responsible people.  But that is not always the result., especially in rural and inner city areas.  Do you really want your kids to grow up having to deal with an even more ignorant population than we have right now?  The ignorant VOTE.  Look where that’s gotten us.

And what are you saying to public school teachers when you choose to send your kids to private school?  It’s an insult.  I am insulted on behalf of my parents, my extended family, and my friends who are public school teachers.

I know some will respond to this with “You don’t have children so you can’t understand.”  Bullshit.  I am more than capable of knowing what it would be like to have children.  Of course you care about them more than you do other children.  Of course you want what’s best for them.  That is as it should be.  But if all the money that is spent on private school were spent on public education instead, EVERYONE would have well-educated children.  Including you.  Don’t forget that part.  If public school education were as “good” as private, your children would benefit along with everyone else.  And what’s wrong that?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.


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