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On Being Reserved

I just googled myself and found this on the USD Health Sciences webpage.  I’d forgotten all about it.

“If I could return to the hospice in Virginia where I began my career, I would do so. The atmosphere there was kind, collaborative, respectful of everyone, and my clients were great studies in the human condition. They taught me that even in circumstances of poverty, illness, lack of opportunity, and entrenched beliefs,
there are people who are kind, funny, loving, generous, and happy. My memories of them give me strength. I wish
they could know how much they taught me.”

That so rarely happens to me anymore.  Is it because I live in South Dakota now?  Is it because I’m not a hospice social worker?  Is it because people have changed?  If I’m honest, I have to say that in general, people in Southwest Virginia were much more colorful, outgoing, and more kind and generous than they are in general in South Dakota.  Part of it, maybe most of it, I think, is the Great Northern Plains Reserve that makes the people here reticent, fearful of being “different,” and reluctant to be spontaneous.  And I think I’ve become that way too, since coming back.  I hate it.


One thought on “On Being Reserved

  1. Kathy Broadwell says:

    I think people have changed. How else do you explain Trump? I feel so out of touch, except for our little area in N Wisconsin. I think I will just stay here and ignorant!

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