observations on life

Don’t forget this is called therapeutic WHINING

OK, I know I’m defective.  Anybody who knows me and doesn’t know that I’m defective hasn’t been paying attention.  There’s no doubt in my mind about my defects, and I fully accept the fact that I’m defective.  What I don’t, and can’t, accept is that it’s acceptable to be defective.  It pisses me off.  I’m angry about it every minute of every day.  And I’m angry about everything else, too.

No doubt right now you’re thinking that I really should let go of that anger.  OK.  That would be great.  However,  I’ve been unable to do that so far for 61 years.  But if you know what I should do to let it go, please, by all  means, tell me.  But I warn you, don’t say something ignorant, or cliche, or  simplistic.  Or religious.  Because that will just piss me off even more.  If you’ve never been where I am, I don’t need your uninformed advice. I need good, helpful, informed advice.  Anybody out there have any?


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