observations on life

What happened to considerate neighbors?

I remember when being considerate of one’s neighbors was normal and expected.  I don’t know what’s happened.  Now, it seems, people give no thought whatsoever to the effect their activities (or lack thereof) have on the people who live near them.

I have no quarrel with people not caring if there are dandelions in their yards, if they live miles away from everybody else.  But I don’t want your fucking dandelion seeds in MY yard.  Or your maple seeds.  It’s like a plague.  It doesn’t matter that we don’t have any maple trees.  I guess you don’t care if your trees create a plague of seeds, but I do.  If you don’t want to cut down your messy maple trees, then get over here and clean these little bastards out of my yard.

Then there are the suddenly ubiquitous “fire pits.”   (They happened overnight just like dull teeth.  All of a sudden one day, sometime in the 90’s, nobody’s teeth were white enough anymore.) Maybe you don’t care if you get lung cancer, but I don’t want it.  And I don’t want the migraine I get from the smell of the wood smoke, or the smell it leaves in my hair, on my clothes, and on my furniture.

That brings us to screaming children.  My parents taught me that screaming was annoying and unacceptable, unless I was in danger and needed help.  So did everybody else’s parents.  But now, apparently parents feel it’s an acceptable expression of . . . something.  Never mind that your screaming child is making the neighbors wish they were dead.  Or that you were.

Barking dogs.  I don’t blame the dogs.  All dogs bark.  It’s what they do.  But all dogs do not bark incessantly.  Nor should they.  YOUR job is to keep your dog(s) from driving the neighbors crazy.  And I don’t mean by  hitting or kicking or otherwise abusing him. If your dog does not stop barking when you tell him to, bring him into the house.  It’s not rocket science.

Is one minute of thought about whether or not you’re being a considerate neighbor too much to ask?



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