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The Good, the Bad, and the Dreadful Part III: Flips Flops and metal buttons


Into the airport security sheep chutes, through the labyrinth, one line after the next, so that three or four or five different people can look at our passports and boarding passes, and ask us questions, and x-ray us and our luggage.  The thing that irked me the most was that the security process was most time-consuming, duplicative, and aggravating coming BACK into the United States.  Now, I ask you:  Why would an American citizen, with an American passport, who was born in the United States, take the chance of smuggling a weapon INTO the country, when they can simply go to a store and buy an AR-15 and ammunition when they get here,  quickly, easily, and without delay?

I’d also like to know how one can use flip-flops or metal shirt buttons to cause terror.  Does anyone know the answer to this?  I had to take off my sandals in order to ENTER the United States.  I had to be groped by the security guard after the metal buttons on my denim shirt showed up on the full body x-ray as I was ENTERING the United States. And they wiped my fingers with something to see if any explosive would show up.  I live here.  I was born here.  I’m an American citizen. I have a US passport.  Why would I need to SMUGGLE weapons INTO the country?  If I wanted to kill people, I can get everything I need RIGHT HERE.

That we all put up with this BULLSHIT so willingly is beyond me.  NO, I don’t someone smuggling an explosive onto an airplane.  But there is absolutely no reason on earth that a US citizen with a US passport would smuggle explosives or weapons into the United States.  What are the lunatics in charge thinking?  Oh.   Wait.


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