observations on life

Unrelated observations


2) I never buy any clothes that aren’t on sale. I never buy an article of clothing that is more expensive than I’m willing to pay. I am willing to spend time carefully shopping at goodwill or other such stores to find really good things for really low prices.  That said, I can say with confidence that I don’t own any tops that are ugly enough to be fashionable.  To be fashionable, tops apparently have to be a) so clingy that they show every roll of fat and every flaw b) they have to be black, tan, or gray, and c) if it’s a print, is has to be a really horrible print, like horizontal stripes or something equally dreadful.  More proof that people are sheep.  This was even true in Paris, style capital of the world.

3) I was thinking about our recent trip, and how great it was even though we didn’t spend a huge amount of money.  We spent a week in London and Paris, and the entire cost of the trip, including everything, was under $5,000.  For two people.  No, we didn’t fly first class or stay at the Ritz.  But we were comfortable and had a great time.  It was way more comfortable than the two previous times I went to England in the 80s with my first husband.  We stayed at Bed and Breakfast  places (that means a shared bathroom).  We didn’t have enough money to do it differently, but we got to go to England twice in two years for three weeks each time while I worked as a dental school receptionist and my husband was a graduate student.  You don’t have to fly first class or stay at the Ritz.  (But you can stay longer if you don’t have pets!)  Geez, it costs $6,000 last summer to get the broken tree removed from our back yard, and that was no fun at all.  And there was clean up.

4) Probably every other person in the world knew this but me.  I thought that a “raised bed” (for vegetables or flowers) was a bed for plants, that’s raised!  How silly of me!  Turns out, it’s just a place where the dirt is mounded up higher, with walls around it.  The bed isn’t raised–the soil is just deeper.  I know, I know, everybody else already knew this.

5) Get this.  Yesterday I opened the garage door, backed the car out, pushed the button to close the garage door, and it wouldn’t budge.  I figured the stupid remote needed a new battery again, so I got outof the car, went inside, and pushed the button there.  Nothing.  Tried everything, could not get the damn door to close.  Called Overhead Door.  The guy tells me to try some things, asks some questions, asked if the photo-eye lights by the bottom of the door were lit up.  I told him the sun was so bright coming in through the open door that I couldn’t tell if they were on or not.  So he says, “You know, this almost never happens, but sometimes if the sun is in just the right place, the glare makes the photo eye go blind.”  So I muscled the garbage can over so it shaded the photo eye, pushed the button, and door closed.  Nobody I’ve told about this has ever heard of a garage door that wouldn’t open because the photo eye went sun blind.  Go figure.





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