observations on life

Sometimes I’m confused.

For instance, if you wear a size zero, do you really exist?

Or, I know there are millions of people who believe that the more people there are praying for something, the better the changes of God granting their prayers.  So, doesn’t that mean God makes decisions by majority rule?  And if he’s God, why does he think people make better decisions than he does? “Oh all right,” says God, “If THAT many of you want it, I’ll give in.” It makes no sense.

If all you read is romance and christian fiction, are you really reading?  (I know, there’s my superiority rearing its ugly head again.)

If chickens lay eggs that haven’t been fertilized, do other birds lay eggs that haven’t been fertilized?  And if so, where are they?

Don’t you think there are adults who secretly suck their thumbs?

If a country has weapons of mass destruction, and they don’t use them when the country is being invaded by a foreign military force, for what, exactly, is it that they plan on using them?













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