observations on life

Attention Nutritionists–how does this work?

We went to Paris in June. The food was fabulous.  One of the reasons it was so fabulous is because it contains an alarming amount of sugar and butter.  People there eat sugar, butter, and white bread frequently and in large quantities.  And cheese. Do they have an equally alarming rate of heart disease and colon cancer?  Because all the French people I saw looked fit and healthy, and there were plenty of elderly people.  The only ones who were overweight were tourists from other countries.

Is it the wine?

Are nutritionists lying to us about the ill effects of sugar, butter, cheese, and white bread?  Are they just mistaken about the ill effects?

Do the French have better genes?

Is butter really not bad for us at all, it’s all those other disgusting fats that make us unhealthy and kill us?

Maybe we could eat fresh fruits and vegetables AND eat yummy, sweet, buttery, cheesy delicacies made with bleached flour, and not have to feel bad about it.  And not be unhealthy.  And not get fat.  (It’s a secret, though, so be careful.)

And yes, if I lived in Paris I’d walk a lot too.  Everything is close together, the weather is rarely extreme, and there are beautiful things to look at.  As it is, however . . .




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