observations on life

Things Americans Don’t Care About

Here’s a list:

People who have nothing.  Nowhere to live. Nobody to help them.

Children who go hungry.  Children who die or go blind or are deformed by malnutrition.

Children who are unvaccinated.  Children who have no medical care if they are sick or hurt.

People who don’t have clean water.  Who live by picking through garbage or eating dirt.

People who are running for their lives.  People who have endured rape and torture, have had their hands cut off, have watched in horror while their loved ones were killed or tortured or raped.

Children who have no education and no hope.

People who are persecuted.  Beaten.  Flogged.  Kicked.  Hung.  Beheaded.

It’s too dreadful to think about, isn’t it?  Americans can’t bear to think of it.  We don’t think, and don’t care.  We do not care, because that would be uncomfortable.  So instead, we engage in unrepentant financial self-indulgence.  We allow ourselves to buy or build or somehow acquire anything and everything we could possibly want, because we only care about ourselves.

Our indulgences are more important than other people somewhere else having uncontaminated water, or food, or safety.  We matter, they don’t.  They’re only poor anyway.

Shameful, isn’t it?



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