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The Stupid Country

Watch the republicans complain about taxes and the high cost of health insurance. I really do believe that most of them are too stupid to understand almost everything. Such is the state of education in this country. But I’ve already whined about that lately. Today I’m whining about the fact that the USA is the only industrialized country in the entire world that is incapable of providing healthcare to all of its citizens at a reasonable price.

How do other countries do it? Taxes. Everybody pays. Everybody benefits. That’s what taxes are for. It’s why we have them. We all pay taxes and we all benefit from paying taxes. Taxes pay for streets, and roads, and bridges. They pay for police, the army, the national guard. They pay for schools, snow removal, fire departments, oversight, jails, prisons, courts. Without taxes we would have no country – all we would have is chaos and anarchy.

The “reasonable price” comes from paying taxes instead of premiums, deductibles and co-pays. With one provider, the provider can set prices—on salaries, procedures, drugs, facilities, equipment, and everything else needed to maintain the health of the citizenry. That’s why healthcare in other countries costs so much less than it does in the United States.

We like to think that the USA is “the greatest country in the world.” But no, it isn’t. The United States does not provide reasonably priced healthcare to all of its citizens. That’s not great. That’s irresponsible and immoral. Every other country in the world has figured this out. Our country, by contrast, apparently has such an overpopulation of idiots – we even elect them to public office in droves – that we cannot figure it out. We are the stupid country. We’re not great. We’re just stupid.


One thought on “The Stupid Country

  1. Jean W says:

    Right on, Randee! This past week, I had to go to the ER because I was dehydrated. (Yes, I am very bad about drinking enough water.) You would not believe all the tests that were ordered and that kept me there for hours. All I really needed was a couple glasses of water and a chance to recline. But, of course, I am a Senior and Medicare was paying for all of this. So, the tests were piled on – an MRI was even ordered. Thank you for paying your taxes. I think they were wasted in this instance but, when my husband was ill for 2 and a half years, hundreds of thousands of $$$ were paid to cover his many doctor visits, tests, extensive treatments, and neurological surgery. If it weren’t for Medicare, I would be working at Walmart at the age of 84. All any US citizen has to do is watch Michael Moore’s film “Sicko” and they will want to move to France or Canada immediately. We should be ashamed. And, by the way, our educational system is way behind, also.


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