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Representative democracy is gone

I am a liberal democrat.  Ever since Kristi Noem, our one and only congressional Representative from South Dakota, voted to shut down the government, I have been posting on her facebook page, expressing my opinion about her and the Republican do-nothing agenda.  I realize she probably sees me as a menace.  But I am nevertheless her constituent.  She has, however, banned me from her page, seemingly because I post opinions that are contrary to her own.  She may not agree with me, but I believe she has an obligation to hear the opinions of ALL of her constituents.   My posts are not vulgar or obscene.  The posts from other sites that I share on her page show only an address–no one who doesn’t want to look at those sites is obligated to do so. That says a lot about her — she represents the entire population of South Dakota, but only allows those who agree with her to express opinions.

She has banned me from her page before.  When that happened I made a complaint to the Office of Congressional Ethics.  A few weeks later, I got a phone call from someone in her office saying “We didn’t mean to ban you.  It must have been a mistake.”

It seems particularly manipulative for her to do this again right now, as we approach election day.  I think she gives my posts too much credit, and that makes me think she fears for her seat.  In that case, I hope she’s right.


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