observations on life

Medical care, corruption, and greed.

Yesterday I called to see how much Avera Health Plan has spent on my medical care this year. The answer was $78.00.  Wait–maybe it was $71.00.  I also got a letter from Avera Health Plan yesterday saying that my premium in January will go from $660 a month to $997 a month.
I have always been extremely frugal. That means when something is ridiculously over priced, I don’t buy it. Insurance coverage is no different.
Why medical providers, pharmaceuticals companies, medical equipment manufacturers and health insurance companies in the United States have not been indicted for conspiracy to commit fraud, I don’t know. Wait. Yes I do. And it’s all about greed, corruption, and lack of political will.
Meanwhile, insurance companies like to claim that charging people $12,000 a year, while spending almost nothing, is what they have to do to stay in business.
The only way, THE ONLY WAY around this is to have single payer healthcare like every other industrialized country in the world. This would allow prices to be fair because we would all pay a much smaller tax than we are now paying in insurance premiums, prices could be negotiated and controlled, and everyone would be covered. But a lot of people, including elected officials, would make a lot less money. Apparently we here in the United States would rather make a handful of people rich than have affordable healthcare for everyone.

And to those who will say it’s not MY medical care that’s driving costs up, I say this.  Say the wind blows the roof off your house.  This happens through no fault of your own.  Nevertheless, the premium for your homeowner’s insurance goes up, because the company has had to pay a big claim.  Not true for medical insurance.  If I have to pay for other people’s medical care, I DEMAND to pay it with taxes instead being legally robbed by insurance companies.

And here’s a kicker. It says in the letter telling me about the premium increase:

“What you need to do-
You can keep this plan
You can pick a different plan
Here are some ways to look at different plans-
1) Check with Avera Health Plans to see what other plans may be available.”
So I called. They can tell you what the different plans are but they can’t tell you how much the premium will be.
It’s when dealing with insurance companies that I truly understand those people who take a gun into some business and start killing everybody.


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