observations on life

The New Regime of Sewage

The Ferengi are our rulers now, and the constitution has been replaced by the Rules of Acquisition.  Worse, we are surrounded on every side by battalions of ignorant, hate-filled cowards, who believe that everyone who isn’t exactly the same as they are is out to get them.  There is no evil, no scourge that is worse than having to live with republicans and their ignorant, fact-resistant, greedy, immoral agenda, which they seek to impose on all of us.  It is the death of hope.  They’ve taken a page from the Borg:  resistance is futile.  Assimilate or die.

observations on life

Things Americans Don’t Care About

Here’s a list:

People who have nothing.  Nowhere to live. Nobody to help them.

Children who go hungry.  Children who die or go blind or are deformed by malnutrition.

Children who are unvaccinated.  Children who have no medical care if they are sick or hurt.

People who don’t have clean water.  Who live by picking through garbage or eating dirt.

People who are running for their lives.  People who have endured rape and torture, have had their hands cut off, have watched in horror while their loved ones were killed or tortured or raped.

Children who have no education and no hope.

People who are persecuted.  Beaten.  Flogged.  Kicked.  Hung.  Beheaded.

It’s too dreadful to think about, isn’t it?  Americans can’t bear to think of it.  We don’t think, and don’t care.  We do not care, because that would be uncomfortable.  So instead, we engage in unrepentant financial self-indulgence.  We allow ourselves to buy or build or somehow acquire anything and everything we could possibly want, because we only care about ourselves.

Our indulgences are more important than other people somewhere else having uncontaminated water, or food, or safety.  We matter, they don’t.  They’re only poor anyway.

Shameful, isn’t it?


observations on life

I decided I might need a disclaimer

I figure there are lots of people who think that because I’m an atheist, it means I’m bad, evil, immoral, and going to hell.  Fine–they get to have their opinions.  As long as they don’t try to convert me, I don’t care what they think or say.

I’m not trying to tell anyone what to do here. People get to do whatever they want.  My opinions have no sway and I don’t expect them to have any.  I’m just expressing my point of view.  And seriously, I’m trying to understand. If someone can explain to me the things I don’t get, that piss me off, I’m willing to listen. And if it makes sense, to change my mind. (Not about atheism.  About privilege, money, and what I see as greediness and unrepentant financial self-indulgence.)



observations on life

I’m back, and disgust is back with me.

Can somebody please tell me how thinking, feeling people are supposed to live in a world where this shit happens? How, how? are you supposed to live in a world full of assholes, morons, abusers, terrorists, imbecilic republicans, torturers, sociopaths, and lunatics, where greed is idolized, hunting is recreation, and the pursuit if unrepentant financial self-indulgence is the goal to which all are expected to aspire? Somebody tell me how.