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A Ministry of Niddering Ninnies

Well, we’ve gotten what a minority of citizens voted for.  That Herr Trump lost the election by nearly three million votes notwithstanding, our “electors” have made him president.  Of the United States.  It’s a heart-rending reality to contemplate.  Worse, are his choices for his cabinet, variously referred to as “a Fucktangle of Dunderheads,” a “Confederacy of Dunces,” or my own title for it, a Ministry of Niddering Ninnies.  It is the brain damaged leading the blind through their own Slough of Despond, dragging the rest of us behind them.

Most egregious, however, is the fact that millions of voters are so poorly educated, uninformed, besotted with their own ignorance, and full of fear, hate, and bigotry that they voted for this racist, sociopathic, cognitively impaired miscreant for president. (I could use even more descriptors, but I’ll stop there.)  Obviously many factors have combined to create this monstrous travesty, not the least of which is an education system so drained of integrity and mental discipline that ignorance and an inability to think rationally have been elevated to a status to be desired and applauded.  “When mediocrity becomes the norm, it is not long before mediocrity becomes the ideal,” A.N. Wilson said.  We have apparently now left mediocrity behind with G.W.Bush, and after a moment of redemption with Mr. Obama,  have descended directly into utter ineptitude and evil.  And that’s exactly what millions and millions of American voters want.  I hope they get it.